Financial Freedom + Whole-Life Prosperity

We take pride in using unique, individually-customized coaching techniques that encourage our clients to not only excel in their financial lives but to also develop and maintain mindsets that support wealth building, extraordinary giving, and whole-life prosperity.

Wise Money Mindset  


Financial Wellness Solutions for Women


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Explore the many benefits of partnering with Wise Money Mindset and learn more about customized solutions designed to help women experience financial confidence and wellness.

This 20 minute phone consultation is complimentary.

  • Learn the difference between financial coaching vs, financial planning
  • Explore solutions that will help you to become confident in financial decision making, budgeting, saving money, ending paycheck to paycheck living, destroying debt and more



Couples Coaching Sessions Virtual

With the proper tools and direction, mapping out your family’s spending plan can become a positive, stress-free experience.

Via video conferencing, participants will:

  • Learn the art of co-budgeting and emergency funding
  • Identify budget personalities and challenge current financial habits and behaviors
  • Determine non-negotiable priorities and align goals accordingly
  • Track and organize expenses
  • Prepare scalable, customized budget and savings plans
  • Manage and monitor financial accounts and credit reports

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Surveys show that 56% of American families have less than $1,000.00 in savings and 76% are living paycheck to paycheck. This is precisely why you should explore partnering with Wise Money Mindset for financial success.

During your confidential consultation we will discuss:

  • Your current financial status
  • Your money mindset and behaviors
  • Budgeting, spending and savings habits
  • Short and long term goals such as destroying debt, retirement security, home purchase, etc,)
  • Additional “pain points” that may be hindering growth
  • Alternative, holistic solutions that support your journey to financial freedom


Budget Audit & Strategy Planning

No budget?

Existing budget not working out?

Lack of agreement in your finances causing issues?

Eliminate the stress and frustration of managing your monthly budget with a comprehensive breakdown and analysis. Identify additional ways to maximize your dollars, save more money and live and give like never before!

This service includes budget review and strategy planning. Clients must submit their current budget no later than 48 hours prior to their scheduled session.