I don’t know about you, but when my living and work spaces are messy and cluttered, my mind tends to follow suite.

Every year I perform year end financial assessments for myself and my clients to tidy up, get prepared, and hit the ground running on January 1st. Some of the assessment questions that we use are not always your run of the mill questions. This is done purposely to promote deeper thought once the client/coach partnership has ended. Some of the questions used are below:

  • Have you picked up any of the habits that you’d managed to drop?
  • Do your current financial actions align with the goals that you’ve shared?
  • Are your financial goals aligned under or above your non-negotiables? 
  • Are your spending and savings plans fully developed? If not, what needs to happen for them to be complete and fully executable?
  • If you were to exhaust your emergency fund, what’s your next line of defense?
  • Do you feel there is a proper flow between you budgeting, spending, saving, debt repayment and wealth building practices?
  • Has your definition of financial success changed?
  • Has money management become your lifestyle?

As you can see, we talk money at a deeper level. 

Money from the Wise Money Mindset perspective is just that… establishing a brand-new mindset and a healthy relationship with money. Yearend tidy ups allow us to attach or reattach how we think and feel about money to our financial goals and aspirations.

While you’re finishing up your holiday home décor, consider showing your “financial” house some love too. Resist the urge to attach your money management plan to another useless New Year’s resolution. Instead, try something new like adopting wise money management as a lifestyle rather than another set of mundane practice. Find ways to make your finances personal again. 

If this is an area that you’ve struggle with, then I would like to invite you to join our free 3-day Financial Goal Setting Challenge that will kick off in mid-December (sign up here). It’s going to be 3 days of preparing your mind to execute a plan centered on purposeful reflection, targeted planning, and finally, pursuit of your financial goals. 

What’s on your year-end financial to-do list?


Coach A