Hey Lovelies,


I’m Anitra, affectionately known as Coach A to my clients.

I want to share my financial wellness journey and how Wise Money Mindset came to be.

In 2014, I was single parenting two beautiful daughters, making a *meh* salary, and paying bills.

I know. Exciting right?

Don’t get me wrong. I was grateful, but something with my finances just seemed off, I desperately wanted off the “work, eat, sleep, pay bills, repeat” hamster wheel, and I was certain that I was not living the full life God had intended for me.

I could not escape that feeling, so I began to dismantle my personal finances. I took a deep dive into behavioral finance and started identifying my financial behaviors and habits.

Suddenly the fog began to lift. 

I finally realized why so many conventional money management methods hadn’t worked for me long term. I was doing the right things, just for the wrong money personality. Not only did I discover my money personality, but I also discovered that my budget style didn’t exist. Since it didn’t exist, I created one.

The technique I created for myself worked so well that I successfully paid off nearly half my annual salary in debt in 19 months. I shared with others and after receiving a nudge from a dear friend, Wise Money Mindset Budget Coaching was launched in 2017.

In 2019, we relaunched as Wise Money Mindset Financial Wellness for Women where we sometimes take unconventional yet holistic approaches to personal finance in order to find unique solutions that reflect our client’s lives.

Welcome to financial wellness…from the inside out.


Coach A