Each year I begin contemplating year end expenses so that my new year will begin with anticipation and excitement rather than anxiety over new debt.

As the holidays approach and excitement mounts, small expenses can be overlooked. I’ve prepared a list of items and instances that can easily break your budget if not considered and planned for ahead of time:

  • Last minute and JIC (just in case) gifts
  • Gifting unnecessarily/emotional spending…generally guilt
  • Gifting high-end items to impress
  • Last minute wrapping paper, tape, bows
  • Holiday parties – attire, accessories, rentals, entertainment, etc.
  • Babysitting fees
  • Opening new credit cards
  • Travel – rentals, gas, tolls, tips, Uber fees,parking fees, activities,etc.
  • Pet boarding fees
  • Indoor and outdoor Christmas home décor
  • Gatherings – Family/Friends/Colleagues/Clients
  • Thank you gifts for clients and service providers
  • Charitable donations
  • Shipping and handling costs
  • Greeting cards
  • Unplanned trips to holidays bizarre and flea markets
  • Overindulging on gifts for new boyfriends/girlfriends
  • Overindulging on personal items for yourself

 And the list goes on lol…

What are some spending pitfalls you’ve fallen into during past holiday shopping seasons?



Coach A