Unexpected turn of events this year have awakened us to the priceless things no amount of money can buy such as love, health, confidence, genuine friendship time, and the true meaning of freedom.

One year ago, we would have never fathomed celebrating such a wonderful day of thanks apart from those we love an cherish. Now we’re interacting virtually and socially distanced just to remain connected. We’ve also been reminded of an everlasting truth: life is certain to be filled with uncertainty.

From protest for change to exhausting elections. This year we’ve been stretched, pulled and forced to digest more than just turkey and cranberry sauce. We’ve had to digest personalities, new ways of living and hard truths about others, ourselves and our finances. 

For a moment, abandon those thoughts and reflect on the things that truly define and make our lives rich:  

  • Showing gratitude
  • Time with loved ones
  • Being generous
  • Living with optimism
  • Learning new things

None of these things have a price tag attached, but each is a guaranteed way to grow and transform us and our bottom lines. 

Whether this beautiful Thanksgiving Day surrounds you with a warm blanket and solitude or the giggles of tiny human humans running around the house as a special meal is being prepared, may this blessing fill your space.

I pray you are healthy, safe and filled with peace, love, and optimism. May you be blessed, financially well, and experience whole life prosperity today and always.


Coach A & Family